Good Turns

Okay so my vehicle had a little mishap while in the outdoors stalking the bass and the local mechanic took me without an appointment, I showed him where to look and he fixed the issue in 5 minutes and said “No charge.”  That does not happen in Richmond and yes I did tip him.  I’ll be back there.

Swings – goal was build up to TV 100 in 10 minutes and then attempt to compress the time to 5 minutes.

Tonight I took the first test run and finished with 105 TV in 6:30.  No rushing, took my sweet time between sets, the reps had velocity, float and I believe if I had desired to make it a “death swing” session 5 minutes would have fallen.  What’s the point ? I have 18 or so days, already have the target volume +5.  I am going to be patient and add both volume while compressing the time.

Got in a little Double 32kg – Double Snatch + 10 Push-Presses x 2 just for the feel of transferring energy and to see where my Double Snatch was at.  Weight felt light, form was no where near grooved on the double snatches…that is what the tiny bit of practice is for to start moving that forward.  That feeling of the energy flowing up and down through my “cyclinder” is awesome, good conditioning and it will add density my core.

TGU – 24&40kg – Supine to Tallsit and then sweeping each hip 5 times, then a couple full TGU’s w the 40kg.

TGU – Previous Practice 16kg,32kg,48kg – Supine to Tallsit moving from the elbow to the palm 5 times

Somehow this helped my swings so Amen to that.  I felt more free in my movement, I did not feel like I was exerting myself to the max, but the speed of the swing was definitely increased.  Very cool experience.

The last two days have been solid and have felt like they are recharging me.  Another indicator of moving in the right direction for me.  Those swings, woa, hit the month end goal on day 12 and came close to hitting the stretch goal.  That is going to get closed out and eclipsed this month, then the 40kg’s are up next.  I know I could swing them last month, but it sure would be strong for me to be able to knock out 100 in 10 minutes. Okay, today was a good day.

Breathe! – Yes I hit some of that in the am session and before I forget should hit 1 set for extra recovery.

Typical – I do the exercise, think “I feel good, I felt that, I feel relaxed, I feel energized.” then I forget about it and later when something happens that is good extreme I think about it and remember “Oh yes you did do those first !”  9 years in to doing many of these movements I don’t think about them really in terms of they work, or will they work or they are going to work….I just do them and forget about it. They work. Today was just another page in the book ;)


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Progress – my tender hips are healing, biking back home now, by the time they are ready for the ascent I will have the rest smoothed out and the swings are going to galvanize the rest of me.

Yours in Strength,


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