There is a Reason

Order yours here, you don’t need a Kindle, simply download the FREE Kindle reader to your PC.  The knowledge and what it will do for you should be more important than if the information is available in paperback, think about it. If you wait until the paperback is available you wait to realize strength gains which could be quite trans-formative.

Part of the reason I wrote Breathe! Realize Your Athletic Potential was to share the techniques which have transformed myself, over 2,800 patients and my students.  It is exciting to practice and surpass your previous (lifetime best, watch your reps, endurance, amount of weight moved) go up,up,up.

Breathe! replaces 0 exercises, it is not a system to train on a stand alone basis.

Breathe! does enhance whatever you practice.

Recent Results -

3 Lifetime Best – in a 9 day period, 2 the day of Breathe! practice, the other the day after…normally the results from each practice ride in around the 2-3 day after mark, again at 7 days and if you continue the practice on a regular basis…then you will see lift across the board.  It builds up and does not plateau.

Student – barbell clean reps went from 3 – 6 from one practice to the next after a Breathe! session….think a 50% increase in volume per set would make you stronger over time ?  Just maybe ? With a weight in the 250 pound range, not a pure beginner, an experienced athlete.

Student – youngster, couldn’t push-press a 16kg, push-pressed the 16kg for a single, then push-pressed for 3 with both arms during the same session

Student – youngster could not clean double 16kg’s….cleaned double 16kg’s for the first time and went on to accumulate 20 singles in the same practice….do you think they became stronger after that practice ?

Student – adult kettlebell deadlift first session 16kg 15 reps in 1.5 hrs – 3rd session 16kg 75 reps of DL + 10 reps of Goblet Squat in 45 minutes and smiled like a 5 year old on Christmas morning proclaiming….man I feel good, I feel good, this is awesome…was not smoked at all.  I looked at him and said “Let me know when you believe, okay ? and chuckled.”

I cranked back up in March and as the results have started waving in, intensified in terms of frequency, normally 5 minutes at a time. Once or twice I ran the gauntlet and rotated through several of the movements one after the other for about 40 minutes.

The results have justified the time, easily.

Yes, I will be putting in my 5 minutes today ;) I would be very foolish not to given what’s happening.

Again when the time arrives and I am asked “How did you do that?”, part of the answer is Breathe! and I have transparently shared that in advance.

I stated it before, I stated it during…Breathe!.

You can enhance your results even further by booking a 30 minute phone consult on how to tune how you use the movements.  This is something I take all of my students through in person and no one has ever said “That does not work.” 0 No one.  Many have tried to prove it wrong, some still try to prove it wrong and I welcome that because every time they do the practice the way it is suppose to be completed they wind up telling me how much they subsequently went up.  I completely understand that concept, it does not offend me as I myself have done exactly the same thing…tried to prove something wrong and wound up saying WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this really works.  Stubborn, have done it too many times to count, but at least I do try whatever is strongly recommended and normally follow the program very closely.

You cannot say the cake does not taste good, if you substitute quick dry cement for flour…you are not following the recipe. I get that.

Still improving the material, still adding new movements which have proven equally if not more pronounced in their effect.

There is something here that will change your practice, you can wait until it is all the rage and join everyone else….or you can accept that the Sun rises in the East, that gravity holds you to the surface of the Earth and you can dive in.

I have said many times, “I don’t have to fully understand a technique for it to work.”  That doesn’t mean I desire not to learn, quite the contrary, but I do not always wait until I can take something apart and put it together to try it.

Heck, I am still learning and refining my kettlebell swing, I don’t understand every single solitary nuance and there are more than meet the eye.  That does not stop my body from benefiting from the kettlebell swing each and every time I practice it.

Yours in Strength,


Russ Moon

StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor

Richmond, VA