Paretto Principle – the 20% that drives 80% of the results – Live in the 20%

I am continuing to restructure my practice to focus on the 20% for my body that unlocks the 80%.

Key phrase – “for my body” my 20% may not be your 20%, conversely part of it could be and you won’t know unless you try it.

Flexibility/Mobility –  to be healthier and enable myself to access positions which afford superior leverage is now the “main event”, it supersedes everything else in priority.

Now this comes first, when I am fresh as a new skill I am learning.

Now this comes first in order to treat it as a area of focus that comes before anything else.

Now this comes first in order to create more symmetry not only in my body and what I can do with it, but also as a student of strength so that I can learn from intense, focused, in-depth serious study what the benefits really are.  I see these issues with every student and now I will recognize them more rapidly…and have earned the knowledge of how to rapidly bring solutions which resolve their issues.  Hearing these comments now on a regular basis from my students (increased mobility, tightness and pain being “gone”, feeling more “athletic”) so with some much more intense study I am going to be able to build up that knowledge base even further.  I continue to remain “A student of strength.”

Results – the bell, the body, the clock don’t lie

Pullups – BW 1,2,3,4,5-1,2,3 TV PR by 30% Starting to feel lighter and I know from previous practice I am getting close to the point where I am going to explode and take off.  It is so difficult for me to get to reps 1-5, once my body starts moving in the right direction it can take off and while not there yet, 10 reps isn’t out of the question.  The Russian Ladder has been/is my failsafe go to whenever I am tackling something which for me is “heavy” in order to move from ground 0 to having enough reps to work with that I can bring other tips/tricks into play.

Snatch 24kg – 100 in 4:45, took :45 to trim a torn callous, hadn’t kept my hands in proper shape, it feels light again, I can do better and when I practice again I will improve upon this result. 25/25,15/15,10/10.

Deadlift – Someone who was being funny mentioned online that the Chief once lived 30 days off a diet of nothing but Deadlifts…I thought “What so bad about that?, you would get as strong as a Gorilla.” So combining that mindset with Master Riefkind’s thoughts on the importance of work-capacity and that go all day endurance with a touch of Justa…..led me to Master Dan John’s statement about his friend who deadlifted 315 lbs 60 times in 30 minutes.

Right now 6 x 5 TV 30 reps in 9:42 with 315, started at like 20 in 10 minutes, then 25, now 30 and I banked at least 10 reps. Waited 2 minutes watching the clock go by prior to my last set so I would be fresh as a daisy and waltz across the finish line knowing the next time I will be in better condition and dropping another set of 5 in that 2 minutes isn’t going to be a big deal.

My goal is to do a semi-Justa, 5 reps OTM for 13 minutes. TV 65 reps in 13 minutes and then I will have met one of Master Dan John’s so you think you can move the iron mettle testing exercises.  Doing wonderful things for my total body strength, my DL top end is going to move up no doubt. I respect the man and I want to send him a message that I listen carefully to what he says and if that means I have to do some work to get myself together I will do so. Then I can step back off the density, add in all this seemingly huge amounts of rest and add another wheel bringing me to 405 lbs, see where I am at with that weight (I bet it feels lighter) and lay the groundwork for the assault on 500.

Complexing a single 48kg for rounds and the rounds are going up. DL’s, Goblet Squats,HighPulls,2 Arm Swings and I will add a single Snatch soon as the cherry on top of each round. Working those mobility enhancing, full body movement which will help me move better, armor proof my body and move towards getting the Android like work capacity. Not a bad grip enhancer I might add ;)

Abs – Autonomic, I have spent years in BulletProof Abs, I understand the concept, the programming, I use it, it works. I find ways to incorporate bulletproofing them in everything I do. Makes you goofy strong, I don’t understand why people are not immersed in this, but I cannot control that. I can control that I know how to do it and I can show others how to achieve the same results with great certainty.  Improving with every practice.

Crawling – I did my time, months baby crawling at the advice of Geoff Neupert who advised me to not to fall into the trap of thinking the baby crawling didn’t have its merit. BW, 90 pound chain working up to 200M on flat and incline terrain. Now going back to the Spiderman crawl with the chain…….this may start with 10M intervals I know in advance it is going to be terribly intense. Tonight is session 1 and I am putting it first while I am freshest.

Pistol – hammering away and slowly seeing improvement, TRX went from 2 hands to both handles in 1 hand over the working leg to reduce the stability training wheel. Other arm outstretched over the non-working leg. Managed the same volume but it was much more intense because my stabilizers were getting jack-hammered.  The Pistol….2+ years into trying to learn it, all I can say is when you are learning a new move and it still provides huge benefit to your body + WTHE then you know you have a Tiger by the Tail. Starting to like it and that piston like feeling when you drive up is pure POWER. I like pure POWER a great deal. Slowly trying to get it together to make it to the unassisted BW pistol, crawling forward not there yet but reaping many benefits.

Social Media – cut way back, taking the time saved to practice, recover and have a life.

Distractions – eliminating them, if they waste time and energy they are being pruned relentlessly

People – negative, those you cannot have an adult conversation with….etc. no judgement but not spending my time there…there are more important things to do with that energy…like love my family.

Mentally Stronger – progressing, I can see it, I can feel it, people around me comment it on it….I don’t dwell on it, more or less a side effect of the lifestyle…but often not discussed. Those who have certainly are able to tell the difference.

Follow the programs and get your own, you will be so glad you did.

Yours in Strength,


Russ Moon