If the shoe fits

“If the shoe fits….” – an old saying which means if the description applies to you accept it.

For example :

Mark : “My trainer says because I have canceled 2 of my last 3 sessions that I am not prioritizing my fitness and need to raise my focus and motivation.”

Jane : “Well, if the shoe fits, wear it.”

Would you purchase a pair of shoes knowing in advance they did not fit your foot ?

Most people would not.

Would you recognize a pair of shoes that fit your feet perfectly ?

Most people would recognize that.

So if someone makes a particular remark which causes a larger than normal change in your force there is a probability and a larger than normal one that there is some accuracy in the stimulus because your subconscious is causing your conscious mind to react in a stronger than normal manner.

If someone makes that type of comment to me, I am as a rule able to decipher why that comment created a larger than normal response and adjust.  As they say it might have hit a nerve, it might have touched upon something deeper down that I did not really want to address at the time.

There is one shoe per foot that you can wear at a time and the majority of the time you will be wearing the shoe that fits.

Unless of course you prefer to go barefooted :)

If you wish to supercharge your efforts to increase your strength and endurance.

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Most recent review -

Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Breathe! Realize Your Full Athletic Potential (Kindle Edition)
As an long time strength athlete and having read everything by Pavel and Dan John, there isn’t much that inspires you to try something new. I have been following a kettlebell pressing program and have been stuck with the double 24K for 3 reps. I have slowly worked through the program and finally worked my way up to a single 32k press. I started adding some of the drills the Russ expertly described in his book and the weights just seemed to float up. I was able to add reps to my press without any real work. I highly recommend you read this book and start incorporating the drills into your program. you will be surprised with a big WTH effect.

WTH = What the Heck Effect where exercises you are not practicing actively (frequently) improve based on another activity you are performing…in this case the Breathe! exercises helped this reader become much stronger.

The benefits reported also include increases in endurance, energy level, mental calmness and more.

Would you like to add to your strength, endurance, energy levels “without any real work” ?

Incorporate the Breathe! movements and enjoy those benefits for yourself.

This movements have been tested and used now in training sessions with over 3,000 students.

More endorsements forthcoming.

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Russ Moon


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