Staying the Course

“Stay the Course Russ”

I like to win, I like being around winners, I like those who I know to win, I am just as happy when they win as when I win…because it reminds me that if I am willing to pay the price I can win also.

Winning does not mean someone else has to lose, on the contrary winning for me means when I win everyone who touched the project, the program, who helped me …..they all win.  It does lead to repeat business ;)

Totally not into the “for me to win you must be destroyed” train of thought, there is enough around for all of us to win.

My “wins” come when I approach my potential, exceed what I thought was possible, do things which are ultimately very healthy for me but I truly despise/dread/don’t want to do them.  As long as it is safe I am pretty darn game, if it is not safe or if the risk is not mitigated….NO.

I push myself in private in my training harder than anyone has ever taken me in any training session. It may not look like it, but I don’t always reveal all the work ;)  Some of it is so “not pretty” I don’t necessarily want to reveal that I felt like soiling myself or barfing at the same time…for sanitary reasons…too much lactic acid was the reason as explained to me by my wife who is an MD.  It did make for an interesting decision during that practice, I finished it as I was near the end, the feelings subsided and I worked more on my conditioning so I would never feel like that again.

Pullups – biw= blue Iron Woody band, near perfect form, pulling high up over the bar and doing a VA (Russian Oly lifter initials and taking my pullup to the River…read the book)

#1 practice 3 x 5 biw

#2   8,7,6,5 TV 26 up from 15. biw

#3 5 x1 BW 1 x3 BW

#4 4 x10 biw TV 40 up from 26

alternated with Goblet Squat 48kg 4 x 3 – these are boring a hole in my hips and I almost like them, but they are nothing but good for my body

MP – 250 pds another PR ! Breathe! – Yup, those DNS based breathing exercises that have help pack on 15 pounds to my MP since March, oh well, I got mine.  You can get yours at Amazon search “Russ Moon Breathe” get the e-book and you can get a kindle reader for free.

If you read and rate the book I will throw in a free phone consult to the first 10 people who approach me.

Recent grind work resulted in a 300% increase for both myself and my student, ironically we were both using Breathe! and at times together.  He had his doubts then, he does not now.

Pullups, Getups, Goblets, Pistols, DL, Squats with Barbell (finally but only 135 to pin 9)…I do know as my mobility improves that number will escalate quite rapidly…so patience.  If I can leg press over 1,000 pounds there is some strength in those legs somewhere, just have to bring it over to the squat and 135 will be long gone. Not until my form and depth are as close to perfect as I can make them and in no hurry.

Snatches – I do enjoy them, I had to tune my mechanics starting with the swing to rebuild my snatch from the ground up.  That took me 20,000 reps or so.  No I am grooving a much more compact movement and the momentum is being caught in my glutes not my elbow, shoulder, abs, back etc….starting slow and light and I will gradually build up.

I can still knock out singles with the 48kg on command with 0 warmup so not worried about impressing anyone with how much I can do for a single.  The snatch is ballistic and with the kettlebell I don’t believe it is meant for repetition work with the heavier artillery.  Speed and sequence is what I want and the “work capacity of an Android”.  Everything else will be a side effect of the practice. Already noticing the flab getting torched, abs popping out and legs becoming denser from the vertical transfer of energy.

A reliable source tells me it is going to “WTHE” my pullup so that was all I needed to hear to seal the deal.

We will see in a month.