Tuning into yourself to eliminate the “noise”

If you were manually tuning the FM radio in your vehicle and you heard a song you liked would you listen to the song as it was (including the static hiss) OR would you turn the dial just a little to get the best signal (eliminate the hiss) ?

As fast as the cars race in NASCAR, even they periodically will take a pitstop to tune their car.  Tune the suspension so it handles a little better, put on some fresh tires so it grips the track a little better, add some fuel, wipe the windshield so the driver can see better.  All this tuning helps the car to be able to run faster.

Eliminating the “noise”, in this case the non-essential events, things, people, methods that do absolutely nothing to move you towards your goal……you really lose nothing except dead weight.

No one…..is so busy that they would not benefit from some periodic tuning.

The key is to look at where you are going and honestly assess what is moving you towards the goal.

Sometimes we are attached to our routine and it is so difficult to step outside our self imposed boundaries to even review without bias what is really happening.   Been there, it is no crime.  Will be there again at some point. So no judgement.

You will find with a more narrow defined focus your progress will be accelerated.

Try it and see for yourself.

Just pick 1 thing you enjoy and focus on that by eliminating 1 other thing that you do but it does not do anything for you.

More time for what you love, less time for what does nothing for you.

See how that makes you feel.

I eliminated just 5 minutes a day to invest in Breathe! movements and the return on that investment has been ridiculous.

Stop counting at 7 PR’s in 2 weeks, but very tangibly getting some “lift” in terms of strength, recovery and stamina.


Yours in Strength,


Russ Moon