You Pay the Price for your Decisions

I made some mistakes that cost me.

Gained some scar tissue that will serve as a reminder and an education that I will leverage the rest of my life.

God is in control and everything that happens is by his hand.

Emerging a little more savvy, a little more “experienced”, a little harder to fool and validating that I am stronger, calmer, have the stamina to endure for long periods of time…full in the knowledge that my faith in the Lord God Almighty is my personal ticket to ever lasting life.

Freewill – we do have the power to decide and if we fail to decide we still have made a choice

Static Noise – neutralized 3 major distractions, they have all joined a very long line of people that all have something in common

Perimeter – sometimes, people/things get inside the “wire” and it is important to stay calm, identify the most immediate threats and neutralize them in the order from highest threat to lowest threat…..I did not do that by the numbers, several were neutralized simultaneously or very nearly simultaneously…..think Napalm…if you don’t know what Napalm is watch a movie or look it up for the visual.

I prayed in requesting “air support” and it came in wiping the grid squares it touched down to a quarter of an inch off the ground.

Truly awesome.

At the moment of truth……the naysayers, bullies, cowards, uninformed critics, thieves will never be present because they realize you have taken their best shots over and over……and now it is their turn to find out if they can take your best shot….and they already know that answer.

I did not just learn that, but I did see it play out as predicted about 5 times in the same pattern.

It was excellent training.

God continues to bring believers with a purpose into my life.  God continues to bring opportunity into my lap.   God continues to in his time, eradicate those who might seek to take advantage of me…..if it has not happened yet….in time it will and you will know the source.

He brought me 2 more people today.

Training – adjusting my nutrition as I am putting a drain on my battery, had some of those deep down “I didn’t know I had muscles there sore.”….it didn’t stop the show it did put me on notice that those practices put a little bit of hurt on me….so of course I will be hammering those until they don’t touch me.

Overall – not thinking too much but hit 2 PR’s in one day, about 9+ in last two weeks, going to do the unthinkable :) change the program as I have milked this one to the maximum, not waiting for the plateau but I am going to zero in on some different areas.  Pleased with the progress, it is showing up across the board.

Harness for pulling heavy things enroute, crawled with 90 lbs chain + 80kg and wrapping the chain around my neck isn’t cutting the mustard anymore… getting something where I “hook up” and crawl/pull like an animal.

Have my eye on 1-2 other pieces of gear that would be very versatile and help me pursue my desire to become part Android.

Pull in leg is still there, but fading, definitely giving me a great deal of time to think about the level of poor judgement involved in how I pulled it. Everyone makes mistakes if they are in the arena, I made mine, paying for it, won’t make that one again.

Cranking back up on the daily Breathe! practice, no doubt that is contributing to the PR wave.

5 minutes worth about 4-5 x weekly is delivering some whopping increases, just need to not overthink it, not get freaked out and keep going.

Gymboss and I are making friends again – ready to revisit some of the most effective programming (for my body) that I have not performed in a long time….so I know I am sensitized.  Burn some flab, become a little more Android like and it makes you stronger.  Nothing sexy, just the basics over and over….I enjoy it because it works.

Yours in Strength


Russ Moon